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the stoic medium ts hall spiritual transformation coachWe train Old Souls in the Spiritual Transformation Skills That Change Everything

If you're like most old souls, you know there's more to life than meets the eye.

You're seeking answers to life's questions, but everywhere you look, what you find falls short of helping you create the life you want. The life you know is possible.

We teach life changing spiritual skills that change everything in what we what call the Green Jade Path. Like most things that work, the Green Jade Path is quite simple, but not at all easy.

Once you learn the basics, you begin overcoming fear, uncertainty and self-doubt by opening the spiritual eyes of your soul to dramatically improve your sense of self so you know why you're here and where you're going.

Imagine waking up every day knowing what your next steps should be and never being surprised.

  • You become fearless.
  • You heal your body and mind.
  • You act on your inner-knowing.
  • You attract exactly what you want.
  • You experience wealth and abundance.
  • You easily sort out the fakes, frauds, and pretenders.
  • You discover and know your Spirit Guides and Teachers.

This is how becoming a spiritual master transforms a chaotic life into the life you want.

In-person classes begin Jan 14 in San Diego and Jan 15th online.

We're teaching you these life changing spiritual skills in an upcoming series of classes (in-person and online). Fill out the form to save your spot.

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