Spiritual Growth & Awakening Has An Enemy

But Spiritual Growth & Awakening Has An Enemy

The enemy of spiritual truth are the delusions of the outward senses.

There exists a barrier between you and the Spiritual Answers you seek — a villain as old as time itself. The villain is DELUSION — specifically the delusions of your outward senses.

Anyone walking a spiritual path has entered into the strange and mysterious sub-culture of myths, superstitions, lore, dogma, and practices. It's a path many seekers travel, but few ever master.Some things we encounter along the path are perfectly rational yielding immediate results, like meditation.

While other things are strange, quirky, and non-nonsensical, this is the work of DELUSION.

You see, the path to spiritual growth and awakening has a wildcard. This wildcard is BELIEF. Beliefs make sure anything I unconditionally believe will work for me and in my life actually works (yes, our minds are that powerful).

But BELIEF can't be reliably transferred to others. We DELUDE ourselves believing that our personal experience (as perceived by our outward senses) is the same as your experience. We assert that if it works for me, it will work for you. Humanity invented FAITH & HOPE to explain why things work for me but not for you.

Religions, and some spiritual models adopted FAITH & HOPE as a convenient way to hoodwink people for thousands of years into believing in false prophets and superstitions. They promise miracles but only for those with sufficient faith.

Faith and hope make everything the seeker's problem. When in fact, the problem lies with flawed practices and systems that aren't based on Spiritual Laws and Principles that work Universally.

At Old Soul U, faith and hope are not required because The Green Jade Path eliminates delusion by teaching you to connect directly with Spirit.

Spirit's language is energy or vibrations. In the physical world, we perceive vibrations using ESP (extrasensory perception) expressed as Psychic Abilities. When you master your ESP, you create tangible, real-world results that some would call miracles.